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Funny Siberian Huskies Silent Play Fight

Caption these two Huskies playing in this video. We watched it and had so many funny ideas because I play like this with my people. You've seen some of my videos so you know what sounds they are probably making, but creating our own pretend stuff is better...and way more fun!


One of the bittersweet moments for us, is that while making up funny captions, we wished I had a sister or brother to play like this way. Maybe I can learn to share my pack with another..share my toys, share their love with another dog. Hmmm what do you think? do you have siblings? Is it hard to learn how to share?

Okay here are two captions I came up with...what are yours?

"Hmm your feet are like corn chips..crunchy!"

"Hey is that a new dog tag? Hmm that isn't our phone number."