National Assistance Week Begins!
Senior dogs are young at heart

Entourage - my buddies from the Rudy Bus

I love Mary. She takes me out for walks twice a week in her Rudy Bus. It is a van not a bus, but this is what her license plate says. Mary takes me along with a few other dogs out to the park or the beach. We have a good time. She likes me because I don't try to escape, except for that one time when it wasn't an escape.. it was my attention being caught by a Fed Ex truck. SQUIRREL. All ended well.


When I wanted to celebrate International Assistance Week with a post about my entourage from the Rudy Bus, because they assist ME with learning good social skills, I could only find this one handsome photo of my buddy Funston.

Grrr. I have to get after my female for more photos. My buddies in the afternoon walks usually include a pair of sassy Doxies, a sweet Lab and me. Maybe one more senior dog but not always.

I'm the last pick up, and beside the tasty treats at the end, my favorite part is the start because the pair of Doxies kiss me! And I LOVE IT. It really makes me happy, Mary laughs and it starts our excursion off on the right paw..what is it about wee dogs?