Today is National Homeless Pet Day!
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Double Dog Dare or You're Going Away For How Long?

I'm going to double dog dare her not to go! Grr it's that time of year again. Grrr.. no I'm not talking about back to school. This is the time when my pack is split up for several days. Do you know how long that is in dog years? A really long time!


My female leaves tomorrow for BlogPaws 2011. Grrr. I mean I know she will learn a lot and meet a lot of people who read my blog and tweets, but still. I don't like it when we aren't together.

She interrupts her writing for me. Every time I bark she investigates. Where am I going to get that kind of attention if she isn't here? PL sure doesn't cater to me that way...okay he does but in a different PL sort of way.

He is the leader of the pack so his style is more cool and laid back compared to my female. She is very kissy and lovey - he's kisses me a lot but he also pets my head like a buddy.

All I can say is my female better make the most of it because when she returns, I'm not letting her out of my blurry senior dog sight!