Artist BZTAT declares love for me at BlogPaws
Double Dog Dare or You're Going Away For How Long?

Today is National Homeless Pet Day!

You know if you chose to adopt a dog, you could have your own version of me. My pack found me at the San Francisco SPCA. You would be surprised at the lovely dogs there. And playful dogs who are just waiting for a game of pet the tummy or chase me with a toy in my mouth, until I poop out.


A fun way to observe this holiday could also be to head down to your local shelter or rescue and sign up as a volunteer. They could use your help - if you cannot adopt right now. I had lots of nice volunteers at the SPCA walking me and spending time with me, and for a social animal like me that helped a lot. I love people more than other dogs.

And more than anything, I hope you remember me when you are ready to get a dog - and ADOPT.

Love, Cleo