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Daily Beast or How a Dog Spends Her Day

Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday, the daily schedule below is how this city dog spends her day. Being the adored one, this is the average day, but wonderful opportunities for extra love, gifts and attention are always around the corner, or behind the closed front door. Woof!


How This Dog Spends Her Day..

7:00 AM - Wake up from bed. Move to floor in front of doorway.

9:00 AM - Get PL up if he isn't already for morning pee and poop. Breakfast.

11:00 AM - Nap while pack has second coffee and quietly works around me

1:00 PM - Play while listening for man in brown, delivery truck or postal worker

3:00 PM - Walk the neighborhood or head to the beach for a romp - hopefully greet cute small dog

5:00 PM - Announce it is time for my pills, delivered in liverwurst. Toss out nonverbal pleas for extra liver.

7:00 PM - Dinner then lay near chef's table monitoring technique

9:00 PM - Nap before heading downstairs to bed.