Wordless Wednesday: You're so kitten
Grouchy Puppy Smurf

New National Geographic Program: When Animals Hoard

People hoard but do you think dogs hoard? Hmm. I haven't seen anything on Animal Planet but this photo of me last week, could be evidence that my PL is onto something. BOL


My name is Cleo and I might have a problem with hoarding. Might. 

In all honesty, if I sense even the slightest attention towards one of my toys, it becomes my immediate mission to keep said toy from you. Is that hoarding or is this just a game of keep away?

I would say the later. Seriously, as a dog what do I have that I can really call my own but my toys? You give them to me, do you not want me to watch over them? BOL

Okay if I come clean, maybe I hoard a little because someone is trying to TAKE my toy(s)! Grrr. PL tries to make sure I get exercise by playing chase in the house.

Maybe I stockpile my toys because I confuse our exercise/play time with PL refusing to give me my precious alligator back. Does this happen to you? I'm going to take a nap and think dream about it.