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Grouchy Puppy Nominated for Funniest Blog or Blogger

Wow, you did it. We did it. Grouchy Puppy is nominated for Funniest Blog or Blogger by Dogtime Media! This means a majority of you think my jokes are funny, or that maybe in general we're kind of excellent pet bloggers. Please enjoy my happy dance..

Hey, laugh at me or with me, but now the real voting begins to see which blog will win! Woof!! You can vote once or twice daily and voting ends on July 29. The winner will be announced at BlogPaws in August. Since I only like to go places by foot, my female promises to bring back photos and stories. 

Laughter is the best medicine, and as a senior dog I know all about medicine. My daily pills come in a yummy liver-best delivery system! But you know what? My day is more fun when I make people laugh. On walks it is always exciting each time a little kid pets my fur and laughs loudly. And sometimes their fingers have tasty stuff on them..

Petties-nominee-funniest-badge Funniest Blog or Blogger. If I (we) win this award, a $1,000 donation to a non-profit 501c3 organization gets made!  We are asking for you to leave a name on our Facebook wall or leave here in the comments. As of today, Rocky Ridge Rescue has the most votes.

Since you can vote once or twice a day until July 29, every time you vote leave us a name. We will add them up on July 29 and then share who will receive the donation. If there is a tie, the good news is that we can split the money in 50-50, with each getting $500.

Please vote for Grouchy Puppy and while you are there, help our friends! Vote for Fido Friendly for Best Blog Post and Best Dog Blog, Be the Change for Animals for Best Cause Related Blog and Dogtipper for Best Social Integration Blog.

Vote everyday at: until July 29 to be sure we make it to that stage, and get to announce the name of the winning shelter!!!

It only takes a minute and a few clicks!

You don’t have to register either!

Click the button next to Grouchy Puppy at the bottom of the awards page.

Twice a day!

Click Grouchy Puppy!