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Riding in Cars with Dogs

My dog advice this summer. Here in my city, the summers are cool. We get afternoon winds, mild marine layers and San Francisco is often about 60 degrees in July. However just drive a few miles north, south or east and summer temps climb quickly, reaching 100 degrees within 20-30 miles. Wherever you live, when you drive with your pooch please consider their comfort and safety. We already are warmer on the inside than people, it doesn't take much for us to overheat, maybe worse.


My advice during the summer or whenever you go out with your dogs in the heat, take a moment and put yourself in their place. Sunburns suck. No one likes to run barefoot across a hot sandy beach. Feeling nauseous or light-headed from heat exhaustion is the worst. 

Here are some of my favorite and easy tips. They help you understand what we dogs are vulnerable to during the hot months of the year. We love you and just want to hang out with you at all possible times. We cannot say no, therefore it is up to you to protect us, even if we get left behind at home with a sitter.

Walks in the city or at the beach

  • Touch the ground - sandy beach or city sidewalk - before you take your dog for a walk. They are walking on bare feet with paws that can burn.
  • Carry water for yourself and your pooch. You both need to stay hydrated.
  • Importance of shade. Fair-skined people already know to take breaks from the direct sun but it is up to you to bring Fido into cool shade for a breather. Whether they have thick fur like me, or light hair that allows burned skin - shade is important.

Car rides

  • Always park in the shade
  • Always crack the windows open for a nice breeze
  • Never leave a dog or child alone in the car, with the air-conditioner running. 

When in doubt - find a babysitter or petsitter - rather than take a chance with a life. A few seconds can mean everything and since we still are not able to time travel, and go into the past to reverse our bad decisions, be thoughtful when you decide to take your loved ones out this summer.