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Not Pet Appreciation Day

Dog Presses Pause. Grrr getting my paw hair trimmed is torture. Dogs in the wild don't do this, why should I? Last week was the many Pet Appreciation events and I managed to get out of being bathed. However it is Monday, and a new week. I've tried to persuade PL that longer slightly shaggy hair is very retro right now, a la Carol Brady and the Brady Bunch family. He isn't buying it.


As a dog, I thought our bond with humans extended to their understanding our needs as much as we understand theirs. I know exactly when PL needs a kiss or a long cuddle. He knows when it is time to make me dinner. We are on the same page with so many things, why are we polar* opposites with regards to his need to trim my paw fur? *heehee snuck in a Siberian Husky joke.

I know Father's Day is this Sunday so I suppose I should roll over on this. PL is sweet about giving me treats after each paw, and he uses tiny scissors so they are quiet and quick about it. However, for the record you cannot tell me that a wolf ever cared about the hair growing around his/her paws. I bet the dingo liked longer paw hair too. They seem a bit more dashing and worldly in manner than the average wolf. BOL