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Open Letter to Bosses: Let my person take me to work!

Dear Sir/Madam:

If you let my person bring me to work on June 24, 2011 you have my word that I will be good. This wonderful event is important for both worker and employer because it shows you how trustworthy your employee is. They can show you by the manners of their dog, how they act when not in the office. Isn't that a good thing? Also from a business standpoint, this holiday promotes pet adoptions. I think that is something you as a serious business person can appreciate. Philanthropy is important for all local businesses so that they can be involved in a positive way with their community.


Now, as I said, if you let my person bring me to work, then I promise to uphold the following:
  • I'm pretty good at holding it, I promise not too many potty breaks. 
  • My person will bring extra rollers of sticky tape to remove my hair off of suits and dresses.
  • I will only stick my nose/head into trash cans,purses on the floor,open gym bags, tote bags once.
  • Anyone stepping into our cubicle, I will only give the TSA once-over, once.
  • As long as no one raises their voice, or makes sudden moves around us, I promise not to poke my sharp nose or try to take any nibbles with my few teeth.

Please consider this request. You can leave me a message in the comment section below, on my Facebook wall or send me a Tweet. I'm always available to you. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing back.

Yours truly and sincerely,


P.S. Take Your Dog to Work Day has been around for more than 10 years now. It is not a fad, but a real holiday that is gaining popularity around the world. Just think how cool it would look, if your company celebrated it?