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Boston Terrier Mackie Gots the Giggles

It's Hump Day and this is some serious cuteness. My love of little dogs insists that we share. Besides my female loves Boston, and my nickname is Bob Smackie Face. Enjoy.


Saturday Dog Smarts: Border Collies

This dog is smart in my book. His style of sheepdog work is unique but being a city dog, I'm not sure how to critique his job. What do you think?


Let's Get This Pawty Started: Hello Friday

What a week it has been! Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day. This week has been Animal Rights Awareness Week. We had the pawsome Maggie Marton write a three-part series on animal hoarding (check it out next door). She is super talented and a great writer, you'll learn a lot when you read the posts!

This week I got to spend time with my favorite members of Team Cleo while my people went to a party for a senior sweetie who turned 89 years! Hey Auntie Ruthie! Shhh she's doesn't want you to know this is in people years too! 

Because I'm all about sharing the love, and because it's Friday, here is a cute photo of my country buddy Bruin getting some serious affection from the darling Francesca. He was at the birthday pawty, but clearly had his own agenda. BOL 


The party for Auntie Ruthie was a special one. Dino had the best seat in the house, as you see here he found the spot just beneath the cake table and close enough to Auntie Ruthie so that he got lots of love and "fallen" bits from the barbecue. Smart boy.