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Free Hartz New Pet Pack + Donate One To A Shelter: June 3rd

IMG_5942 Look what landed in my inbox! I didn't even have to dig very far!

From the Hartz Company: 

New Hartz Pet Pack, Hartz will donate a Pet Pack to a shelter in need of the users choosing!

For National Pet Week in May we solicited feedback from fans about which shelters they wanted to help with a Hartz donation. We are happy to say that 45 shelters have since received donations, but we don’t want the initiative to stop there. Americans are more likely to adopt a new pet from a shelter, but many shelters still remain in need of supplies. Now you and your fans have the opportunity to help even further.

Starting June 3rd on our Facebook page under the Pet Week tab you can select a friend to receive a Hartz New Pet Pack full of coupons for all the necessary supplies for any new pet parent. Just by giving a friend the free pet pack, we will match the action by donating the equivalent pet pack to a shelter of your choosing by the list provided on our Facebook page.

There is only a limited supply of 1,000 pet packs and we wanted you to be one the first to know as we expect they will go fast.