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Dog Advice: Table Manners for Teddy

Isn't this dog a Sneaky Pete!! Well her name isn't Pete, it's Teddy. She is though, a real sneak! Look at her under the tablecloth!

Just because she is all cute and small, Teddy thinks she can benefit from her looks and get a nice nibble. Grr not fair to us big clumsy girls. Look at that cute face and smile! She knows how pretty she is and is ruthless at using her charm at the dinner table. What would Miss Manners say?

Teddy under the Table

Well, I don't know Miss Manners but I know PL and he would not be having it at our house. He will chuckle a little if I show up after dinner is all over but during, no way! Here is what I suggest for Teddy:
  • Learn that even resting your petit chin on a knee under the table isn't polite
  • Try not to drool on said pants, because they might be dressy and your dried drool leaves a mark
  • Consider staying away from under the table until at least after all the forks are down
  • Don't listen to your buddy Bruin, he is a glutton and often instigator of trouble & bad manners
  • Remember your mama loves you and will always give you extra treats after the plates are cleared