Vet Visit Part 2: Smell My Feet
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National Disabled Pets Day

Tomorrow May 2 is National Disabled Pets Day. Do you know what I always say? "There is no such thing as a lame pet, only a lame owner." Seriously.

Pets, in my book, whether they are cats, bunnies, fish or a cute dog like me, are a gift to human-kind. We make wonderful teachers, if you just stop for a second, and let us. If we happen to be blind, or without a complete set of legs, or whatever, it just means you are in for a treat! You know why? We use our ability to problem solve in really unique but joyful ways! These mad skills are very translatable to humans too - if you stop and appreciate. So the next time you feel all sorry for a disabled pet, don't. They don't want your pity, they want your attention. And maybe a treat.

Cleo in her Harness

Seriously folks, the German Shepherd I know who doesn't have the use of her back legs, cares more about picking up her pee-mail than seeing your sad looks. When I run into her on my walks, half the time she shines me on focusing on her sniffing. Her owner Oscar looks sad at me because he knows I'm trying to catch her attention. Grr.