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Like Me! Help Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day

Lucky.  Maybe instead of Cleo, my name should be Lucky.  Truly I am a lucky rescue dog. People evaluated my personality quickly and then posted a photo of me online and got me to our local television station for the Pet of the Week segment. In the space of a few weeks.  I'm photogenic too which added to my luck.

Cleo Portrait 2008

Think about it, when a dog is in a shelter, often they arrived there after spending time on the streets and without a roof over their head.  If you were displaced like that, it would be hard to smell or look good which goes far in first impressions.  You're also dependent on how people are judging you, what their perceptions are of you.  And your mood, what if you are in the shelter because your person passed away? I'd be depressed and that isn't going to entice anyone to bring me home.

Many homeless pets waiting in shelters ready to be adopted are just like me. The difference is that they may not be so lucky.  This is why I am joining in the Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day on March 15.  I want to pay it forward and try to pass along some of my luck to other dogs.

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

There are so many senior dogs like me that deserve a good home, big dogs, little dogs and dogs with special needs.

What can YOU do?  

  • Like Me.  Go to the Grouchy Puppy Facebook page, subscribe to my blog, follow Grouchy Puppy on Twitter.  Starting at 6 AM Pacific Time I will be sharing 12 profiles of 12 adorable and adoptable dogs in 12 hours that are just like me: cute, some are senior, some shepherd mixes, some wee in size because you know how much I love them!  Adopt one or help one get adopted.

What ELSE can you do?

  • On March 15, share an adoptable Petfinder pet on Twitter with the hashtag #adopttheinternet
  • On March 15, donate your Facebook status and photo to an adoptable Petfinder pet. Simply replace your photo with one from the Adopt-the-Internet All-Stars gallery and post one of these messages:
    • More than 320,000 pets are waiting for homes on Help Petfinder Adopt the Internet today and find forever homes for as many as possible!
    • I adopted my pet from Petfinder and now I want to help get this pet adopted! If you want to help pets in need of forever homes, please repost this!

Read about the wonderful Betsy Saul who started Petfinder. We all have it in us to give fearlessly.  

By joining in this celebration and taking over the internet on March 15 maybe together we can positively influence the lives of people and homeless pets.