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Dermatology for Dogs and Treat(ment)

Guess who has an appointment to see a dermatologist. Yep, they have them for dogs and we found one for me to go see next week.  After my allergy test last year, my food allergies were identified and my diet adjusted. Removing beef, lamb, rice, corn, egg, dairy and wheat from my meals and treats helped my skin clear up and I stopped my compulsive scratching and skin twitching.  

We hoped a change in the weather and more brushing the pollen off my fur would help alleviate my environmental allergies.  All seemed well for months until recently, when I felt the urge to scratch, bite my feet & tail, and rub my face and chin on the wool carpets or available denim pants standing near me.

Sweet Cleo's Face
I'm a good dog and try really hard not to lick or scratch in front of my pack but give me two seconds alone and I can't say what I'll try. Maybe nothing, maybe a free-for-all.  When I have gone off with my dog walker for a romp with the dog crew, she had to put a basket muzzle on me because I kept stopping to bite myself, rather than enjoying my excursion with my buddies.

She told my pack and that sealed the deal - I have an appointment with a dermatologist.  As you can kind of see from my photo here, my ears have bald areas on the front and back.  I also have little bald spots hiding under my fur on my face, head and body.  Hopefully we will learn what the issues are and that any prescribed *treat*ment will include - treats, though I doubt it.  Grrr.

Either way, I promise to share what happens. My female will probably take photos, as always.  She is learning about proper dog care and wants to help others.  I understand.  Also with the German Shepherd in me and my advancing age, we could learn about specific issues that relate to those data points.

Wish me luck.