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10 Wishes Come True. My Best Dog Birthday Ever

Senior Dogs Rule Puppies Drool

Today is my official dog birthday homecoming special celebration extravaganza or special day for short.

I'm not saying how old I am because (a) we don't really know for sure and (b) I'm a lady and we don't speak of those indelicate things.  All we know is that I'm officially a senior dog now and as Bret Michaels said, "I'm lucky to be alive".  Let's take a moment for a little self-reflection and learn why my pack is lucky too.

November is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet month. Here is my personal take on why Senior Dogs Rule and puppies drool:

  1. I'm grateful
  2. My slower pace is perfect for the city and sidewalks
  3. I can still learn new tricks
  4. Cuddling never gets old and I'll let you snuggle with me a long time
  5. My breath might be stinky but so is yours, so we'll call it even and I'll still give you a BIG morning kiss
  6. Playing fetch gets boring but leaning against your legs or chair never does
  7. My meals can be made right along with yours
  8. I get tired easily but I'll never tire of being with you

 If you choose to adopt a senior dog, both of you will be glad you did.