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Senior Dogs Make Great Nap Buddies: Shelter Pets Day

Senior pets rule! It may be the last day of November and the end of the Adopt-A-Senior-Pet campaign but we're going to celebrate its success with style. Grouchy Puppy style! What is that? It means we're going to remind you why senior pets can be the BEST choice for adoption. 

Let's start with Petfinder's 10 Reasons Senior Pets Rule.

Senior dog Cleo

Puppies drool. And I prove it!

Organizations like the Peninsula Humane Society offer free classes on caring for older pets

There are many wonderful blogs and organizations focused on senior pets such as:

Daley's Dog Years

St. Louis Senior Dog Project


There are both guide books and joyful celebrations of senior dogs:

Good Old Dog: Expert Advice for Keeping Your Aging Dog Happy, Healthy and Comfortable” by Nicolas Dodman

"Old Dogs: Are the Best Dogs" by Gene Weingarten (author) and Michael S. Williamson (Photographer)

Disclosure: We haven't read these books, only read about them and liked what we saw.  We hope that they motivate you and inspire you to see the possibility in what a senior pet brings to your family and home.

Happy Shelter Pets Day!

Cyber Monday Grouchy Puppy Style

My best Cyber Monday tip? Take a nap. The many visitors over the holiday wears a puppy out. The foot traffic and food smells and strangers make your canine head spin. I have hours of missed sleep to catch up on. Notice my secret to falling asleep quickly? The smell of my own foot. BOL

Seriously, dogs need 18 hours a day of rest or we get grouchy, especially senior dogs. We'll hang out with you while you shop online and today, promise not to bump your keyboard much. Hopefully my female will remember to check my Amazon wish list though before she logs off. I added a few new items.


(Not So) Wild Dog

Doesn't he look like a wild dog? Arooooo rooo! He's a beach buddy of mine who loves to runnnnnnn. I can only blame my age for his ability to wear me out so fast. Think I'll stick to my love of little dogs. They are more my speed.