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Dog Human Connection in San Francisco

Canine companionship. The human-dog bond. You can find real examples of these every week in my house. This week we have been celebrating National Dog Week [September 20-25] with dog people and a lady covered in cat hair.

My female is showing me all of her photos from Denver and the BlogPaws West conference. She wished I could travel with her, and though she missed me, she got some canine love from Twitter animal friends like Cosmo. This photo at the Grand Hyatt Denver is one of my favorites. Welcome water bowls are always appreciated when it's hot out on my "wanna go for a walk".

Grand Hyatt Denver Hotel

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Influence Positively Questionnaire - Robin A.F. Olson

Robin A.F. Olson
Robin A.F. Olson is author of Covered in Cat and the President & Founder of Kitten Associates, the New Breed of Cat Rescue. Robin is also a Graphic Designer and member of the Cat Writers’ Association. She lives in Connecticut with an unknown number of cats, but judging from her cat food bill, a good guess would be “more than a few.” is a 2010 Pettie Awards Finalist for Best Cause Related Blog.  You can follow Covered in Cat Hair on Facebook or follow Robin on Twitter: @KitschKat

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

I have so many, but not any one is all that exotic. For me, I take joy in the little things: When my foster kittens are all lapping at their food, some even purring as they eat; their tummies are full and I know they’re safe. Or when I get the call that the cats I just pulled from a kill shelter are at the Vet and their snap tests are negative. Not only are those cats out of danger, their futures are bright. Lastly, being in bed covered with my cats on a weekend, with the snow gently falling outside, a good book in hand and a cup of tea works for me.

If you could come back as a dog or a cat, which one would it be and why?

I’d come back as dog because I’m not so sure I want to lick myself clean every day, as cats do. Also, I think it would be really fun to BARK, really loud—especially at inappropriate times!

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How to bathe a grouchy puppy


Dogs almost always hate baths. Unless you and your pack are together from the start, meaning you are a puppy when you see your first bath, good luck. Positive bathing experiences for dogs are rare.  There is a long history for humans to think we won't notice or care, if you hose us down with cold water from a hose in the backyard.

Ocean baths are ideal if you are like me and live near an off leash beach in San Francisco. They are my first choice every time. Salty water to bite, possible stinky stuff to roll in, puppy pals to play with.

However if you do not live near the ocean, you can always take your pooch to a self-service dog wash facility like Pawtrero Bathhouse. It isn't so bad, they have all the tools your PL needs, including treats to entice you up the ramp and into the tub.


However if you don't have the option of taking your pooch somewhere, then here are ten easy steps to giving your pup a bath at home.

How to Bathe a Grouchy Puppy

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