Welcome Home Face - Grouchy Puppy Style
Friday Friend - Dexter aka Mr. Wigglebutt

Dog Human Connection in San Francisco

Canine companionship. The human-dog bond. You can find real examples of these every week in my house. This week we have been celebrating National Dog Week [September 20-25] with dog people and a lady covered in cat hair.

My female is showing me all of her photos from Denver and the BlogPaws West conference. She wished I could travel with her, and though she missed me, she got some canine love from Twitter animal friends like Cosmo. This photo at the Grand Hyatt Denver is one of my favorites. Welcome water bowls are always appreciated when it's hot out on my "wanna go for a walk".

Grand Hyatt Denver Hotel

PL took me out on a special extra long trek through the San Francisco hills this week. My female is planning on making me something special to eat in honor of National Dog Week.

However, there are lots of pups out there who aren't so lucky. If you live in San Francisco, consider these two different ways you can celebrate the dog-human bond this week:

Take the I Luv My Body Fitness Challenge Owner and trainer Kristen Nolan is raising funds for the SFSPCA. Sign-up by September 24, 2010 and help raise funds for our homeless cats and dogs seeking loving homes.

Whole Foods Noe Valley has selected the San Francisco SPCA for their Nickels for Non-Profits program. From July through September, when you bring your own bags for groceries, you can donate your five cent per bag credit to the SFSPCA.