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Love Love Love Liver! Unofficial Product Review

Dogs love any kind of tasty training reward. No matter what my Vet says, I will never say no to meat of any kind. Dogs love treats.  I wasn't asked to do this product review. My female I think, just tried to bribe me or maybe assuage her guilt by giving me freeze dried liver.  Considering I'm a dog, and I don't even know what "assuage" means, all I really care about is the fact that she had LIVER.


My review of Etta Says! Chicken Liver dog treats, begins with smell.  No offense to the manufacturer but I could totally smell through the packaging. I'm not sure if they meant for that to happen. It sure didn't help my female trying to sneak up on me with them. BOL.

These all natural chicken liver treats are yummy. Period. My female got a package for free at BlogPaws West. They are a $13 value on Amazon. They also come in Beef or Lamb but I can't eat those according to my Vet. Grrrr!!!