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Grandma Cuddles

She isn't Grandma Wrinkles from the Real Housewives of New Jersey show on Bravo TV, but a sweet lady who is MY very own Grandma Cuddles!  Grandma stopped by to see me for a few days.  She lives in Arizona where it is very hot.  


My female explained to me that Tucson has dogs who live there in the heat, like Frankie who lives with Edie aka @willmydoghateme. However my heavy fur coat means my female thinks it is better if Grandma comes up north to visit me.

I'm relieved that I won't have to get into the car in order to visit Grandma Cuddles in the future.  That would be a tough trade - hours of freight train stress panting for cuddles - but given my devotion to my pack which includes auxiliary members like Grandma Cuddles, I'd probably dog-up and take the car ride because that's how I roll.