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Friday Friends - Roscoe and Suryia


Have you read about the story of Suryia and Roscoe?  We've seen made up stories that come through chain emails but click on the link for the real source and learn about the Rare Species Fund. 

Suryia the orangutan holds Roscoe just like my female holds and cuddles with me!  Honestly I probably make the same contented face that Roscoe is sporting here too!!

Here is a little of their story:

"Roscoe followed us through the gate and ran over and found Suryia. As soon as he saw Roscoe, Suryia ran over to him and they started playing. It was unusual because dogs are usually scared of primates but they took to each other straight away. We made a few calls to see if he belonged to anyone and when no-one came forward, Roscoe ended up staying."

Suryia is an animal ambassador at the preserve helping to raise baby primates but likes nothing better than spending quality time with his canine friend on his day off.