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Good Girl - My 2nd Place Win

This special Friday Friend goes to ALL of my friends who voted for me!

Guess what? I won second prize for doing my job!! Watching the house, waiting for PL and being on guard for the man in brown are important aspects of my role in the pack. I'm just thrilled you guys thought it was cute too.


Thank you i Love Dogs and FIDO Friendly Magazine judges for including me in the top 10 cutest dogs, in your first-ever cutest dog photo contest.  And a HUGE thank you to my fans that voted for me!  It is so wonderful to have friends who love me as I am. 

Winners were announced Tuesday night and I'm still getting extra cuddles and treats from my pack. 

These are the nice things they said about me and what I won: 

As mesmerizing as she is mesmerized, Cleo the grouchy puppy poses as strikingly as a supermodel. Her fans seem to agree that Cleo’s gorgeous and cute to boot. As the second prize winner, Cleo and her humom will receive an i Love Dogs “Doggie Goodies Bag” (which includes vitamin samples and toys), and a one-year subscription to FIDO Friendly Magazine!

Thanks again for the love. Rescues, a grouchy puppy, middle age grrl and small ponies big furry dogs can be CUTE. We have proved it.