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Five Ways I'd Help Support Gulf Oil Spill Relief

How would I help? Being a furry dog myself, I would start by asking five buddies like these guys, to donate their lion fur for the hair booms.



Okay, only Sienna, my loud neighbor here in black has enough fur to help.  Tanner looks pretty light on the extra hairs...

Sienna and Tanner


Here are two inspiring stories from May showing us that people and pets are working together on this horrible situation:

Hair Booms! Pet hair to spare

People are doing it too, check out Bumble and Bumble

What if you don't have five furry friends of your own? Don't worry! Here are two more ways you can help the animals being impacted by this oil spill...

National Wildlife Federation
Text "WILDLIFE" to 20222 to donate $10 to the National Wildlife Federation. Your money will help with the organization's immediate response work as well as long-term, on-the-ground efforts to protect wildlife such as restoring nesting and breeding grounds.

International Bird Rescue Research Center
If seeing the birds covered in oil is really pulling on your heartstrings, adopt one. Damage to habitats, whether caused by the oil spill or other reasons, leaves many birds orphaned. The bird you adopt will even be tagged with a code unique to you as part of the center's research.