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Friday Friend in memoriam: Therapy Dog Gabe

A dear sweet grey Weimaraner friend, Gabriel passed away recently.  He was an Arizona buddy that personified all the qualities of our motto around here: Give Fearlessly and Influence Positively.

We got to know each other as @grouchypuppy and @TherapyDogGabe with his mama also sending us lots of woofwednesday wags each week.  We will miss Gabriel but we know he will live on through the work of Gabriel's Angels.

300 dpi gabe

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Amazingly it was 10 years ago, at the age of 1, that Gabriel began visiting the children of Crisis Nursery.  Gabriel continued to visit children at the Nursery and at a group home until January of 2010.  During his 10 years as a Pet Therapy Dog with his namesake organization, and as an ambassador for pet therapy, Gabriel changed the lives of over 5,000 children - and countless adults. 

Today while we mourn the passing of an amazing therapy dog, we also celebrate the unconditional love, hope and compassion Gabriel shared with everyone he met. Gabriel's Angels will continue his work throughout Arizona because he has such a wonderful group of supporters, therapy teams, and volunteers - truly Gabriel's Angels.