Pet Blog Hop & Attack of the Crab
Bay to Breakers - Grouchy Puppy Style


Reading is Fundamental [RIF] was a big influence on my PL growing up.  He tells sweet stories of summer book clubs and the city bookmobile.  From my perspective books are important, except when they get in the way of my getting my tummy rubbed when I want it.

Sometimes my PL reads too much, so it is my job to remind him of other very important tasks like feeding me or taking me for a walk.


I love to go for a wanna go for a walk because of my chance to meet lots of humans and wee pups. You need to mix things up once in awhile.  I love my pack but sometimes I need fresh smells and new hands to pet me!

Today I pestered him in his chair until he acquiesced convinced PL to take me for a walk down our main neighborhood street so I could check out the shops and shopkeepers. Some of the shopkeepers put out bowls of water for us to sip.

The bookstore display made my PL slow down and I was actually glad. Why? Well I may not "read" words but I do "read" what I smell.  The rows of books on the curb were AMAZING. They had all sorts of interesting information coming off of them.  I especially liked the Baby Animals book....