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Purrfectplay Products Perfect for Pet-Centric Packs

I am a somewhat pampered pooch because my pack adores me. My female will admit to her fear of loving me too much. When you are a rescue dog like me, sometimes you do some of the rescuing.  I know that is how they feel.

When my female went to Blog Paws 2010, I was briefly sad that she left me for the weekend. My PL did a great job making me forget and reminding me of the benefits of living in the now.  When my female returned two days later, instead of a "lousy t-shirt" she brought me back this toy.

Part of my job in our pack, besides protection and letting them know when the man in brown is out front, is to be part of the team that reviews products.  One product category I am in charge of are the squeaky toys.

Out of love for me, she stopped at the Purrfectplay exhibit booth at Blog Paws and spoke to their representative about their products.  Below is some of the information that she found out about the company, as well as my honest review of the dog toy bone they gave her (for free!) to bring home to me for testing (you can see a video of my reaction below too).

Purrfectplay produces organic dog and cat toys.  Their motto is: Making the Planet Better, One Happy Pet at a Time.

The company is dedicated to sustainable fair trade principles, using only organic, chemical free and reclaimed materials in their handcrafted products.

Did you know that the US grows over 12m acres of cotton annually, saturated with about 8.5m tons of pesticides and insecticides?  Cotton is not considered a food crop, therefore it can be treated with chemicals not allowed on corn or wheat for example.

For us pets, cotton is like food in that some of us chew and suck on our toys and bedding. Our saliva acts as the first level of digestion so it is easy for bad toxins to enter our systems.  Check out their newsletter for health issues and other information.

Grouchy Puppy Review

This dog toy was made in the US using dye-free organic natural fibers. It has an inner lining of 10oz cotton canvas and an outer layer of dye-free fleece and natural denim.  There is a small squeaker positioned near one end of the bone.

What I like: It smells great. When my female first showed it to me, I snatched it away from her with joy. The taste is nice and I like the texture.  It's perfect for me because I should bite on hard bones or the rest of my teeth will break. It is fun to toss up in the air!

What I didn't like: Truthfully the squeak could use more oomph. The soft squeak that comes out sounds really like a small rodent. However authentic that is, my passion is for the LOUD squeaky sounds.  Maybe that reflects my bossy nature, as in I need a toy that says LOOK AT ME.  If they were to add a louder squeaker in both ends of this medium bone that would be my idea of heaven.

What it cost us: Nothing!  Pam very nicely let me have it.

What it costs online: Basic Bone, Medium with squeaker  $15.45

My female will definitely consider buying toys from Purrfectplay.  Maybe by the time my birthday rolls around (hint: November 9), she will consider the large basic bone with two squeakers for $20. I'm just sayin...

Because we believe in the importance of giving fearlessly, it was extra nice to read this on the sleeve that was around my toy:

Purrfectplay is guided by an awareness that our pets have blessed us and we are deeply grateful. We share 5% of each sale with no-kill and rescue organizations.