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Friday Friend: Dr. Young Choi

When my animal hospital closed a few months ago, it meant I had to find a new doctor. Just like a human we decided to try a new hospital based on word of mouth.  My recent allergies made it important that we have a new place to go to and a regular vet who knows all about me.  Finding someone who cares and doesn't over medicate are priorities for us.

So far, I am very glad we took the advice our friends and neighbor and headed south of the city.  Meet my friend, Dr. Choi from the Pacifica Pet Hospital.


He is really nice. I love that he speaks to me in a voice that he makes really high like a girl, just so that I know he is not threatening. That helps me relax, a little. He also gives me soft pets and this last time, he KISSED my face!


When he led me away to scrape my cheek to check for mites, he gave me a treat.  After I came back to the waiting room, and he saw that my cheek was still bleeding from the scrape he apologized to ME and said he was sorry if I thought he was being mean.  Can you believe it?!


Dr. Choi takes a long time to explain to my pack what he thinks is wrong and how he thinks he can help make me better. He also gives lots of ideas on how we can make adjustments to his recommendations as time goes by during my treatment. It's nice to have options.

We shall see how it turns out, but so far it has been a nice surprise how my vet is a now a friend.