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Dog Allergies Could Mar My Beautiful Body Forever

Before I mar my pretty face anymore my female is determined to figure out what is going on with me. She loves me like crazy which is a double edged sword.


On one hand, it motivates her to help me by doing all sorts of tedious chores like grabbing my foot if I start to hint at scratching.

On the other hand, it gives her the sads because she worries we won't figure it out and in reality I have some terrible and terminal disease.

Go Figure... 

So if I don't want steroid shots or the cone of shame around my neck again and again, we need to put our heads together and figure this out. My face has bald spots all over from my mad scratching. I rub my face on the carpet, the furniture and my people. When I think no one is looking I start to raise my back leg to scratch my underarm pit.

I also bite and lick my tummy in the middle of the night when my people are sound asleep with exhaustion. Aren't I stinker? They love me to death, but it is almost like poison oak.

When you were a kid, did you wake yourself up scratching a leg or an arm? I can't stop even if I wanted to. And when I get going, I think even my female starts to scratch a little out of empathy. Like a ghostly pregnancy food craving or that teen summer camp poison oak encounter.

I'm in my prime, aren't I?

We are also wondering around here if I might be older than they think, or want to believe.  It is said that us pups can develop allergies as we age.  I hate to imagine I am even older than the 7 we are already stating in formal city records, however if it helps with the remedy I will accept my advanced years with dignity.

Now are my allergies related to an inhalant? Are my allergies food related? Do I have a bacterial allergy? These are the likely suspects.  I have been on flea meds since they brought me home so that seems really out there as a cause.

I was eating a lot of chicken for a while, including chicken/rice kibble along with chicken strips for treats and cooked chicken as a my protein. We stopped that immediately and switched me to salmon/sweet potato kibble now.  My protein is usually beef or turkey cooked in water.  Is that better? I'm not better yet so we are not sure.

I do seem to have one ear that keeps getting lots of little dirty bits in it. Does that mean I have an ear infection? We read that this could be causing me to rub my face a lot.

My vet did treat me for a hot spot on my neck a month or so ago. You saw the photo here of the homemade collar my female made for me. He gave me a shot then but I am as bad or worse than before. At that time he said my allergy could be an inhalant type, like hay fever. He had lots of pups in for allergies because of the early spring and high pollen in the air.

So the question remains, what next? If you have any suggestions please share them with us in the comments.