Dog Allergies Could Mar My Beautiful Body Forever
Friday Friend: Dr. Young Choi

Honey I Shrank the Grouchy Puppy

As we try to figure out my allergy problem, the nice vet suggested using a shampoo with special medication in it.  The shampoo should help my skin not be so itchy.

All I can say is GRRRR.  Look at me!! Don't I look like a 100% cotton shirt that was left in the dryer on high too long?  My beautiful lion wolf fur...

My PL is so sweet though because he uses warm water on me, and always picks a day when the sunshine is out.  However that matters little to me because this kind of water is not half as fun or tasty to bite, as the kind I find at Ocean Beach or Crissy Field.

I do find joy where I can when the washing is over.  As soon as PL steps away and says "all done", I am off like a shot. There is a circuit I make through the yard like a silver bullet. My desire to let go of all the stress standing still and of "being nice" while PL bathed me is palpable.  


The built up energy explodes out of my body when he is done, causing me to race through the bushes, rub my face in the azalea and plop down in the mulch and gorilla hair ground cover.  All in the name of R-E-L-I-E-F.

Honestly I guess I would rather PL did my grooming then for him to take me to the neighborhood groomer.  Sigh, my life is ruff isn't it...BOL  That's another story, for another post.