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BlogPaws: What a difference you made!


On a dark Friday morning I was still tightly tucked in, in a position known in our house as my "Call of the Wild" curl. This is when my nose gets tucked in deep, against dreamy pretend wind, turning me into a tight ball of soundly sleeping fur.  What was I being disturbed for, at the ungodly hour of 4:30 AM? My female needed me to go with PL to drop her off at the airport.  She has a hard time with goodbyes.

My female headed to Ohio and a pet blogging conference called Blog Paws 2010The first of its kind.  Thanks go to Mar's Pedigree US for sponsoring her, she would not have been able to attend otherwise (though truthfully I didn't like her leaving me).

Well this dark morning I put on my brave game face, and got into the flying bed to escort her to SFO, though secretly once I got into the car I needed to wee like mad.

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Chattanooga Play Group


Socialization for dogs is important. With my bossy nature and sometimes rude grouchy manner, it is very important that I get lots of practice meeting and greeting other dogs and people.  One way this happens is with my weekly play group. 

Mary from Chattanooga Pooches picks me up in the Rudy Bus every week.  She always has a few other puppies along for the ride and we go out together and play for a couple of hours.  I always have a good time.  Her teaching me to behave nicely with the others is clever, because I never notice that she is actually teaching me!

What I like about Mary too, is that she knows what I like.  She introduced me to a puppy named Funston and we are now BEST friends.  He is FUN even when we are not playing at Fort Funston! Haha! Look! Isn't he the cutest...


High Value Items vs. Tasty Treats to Eat

My pack is learning to not give me tasty treats to eat that are hard, like a bone. There are healthy snacks that are meant to clean your teeth. I've been given a few but for some reason rather than wanting to eat them now, I want and insist, on burying them for later.

I don't often find food items in the yard after I buried them because they usually break down and decompose but sometimes I do and it is lovely. They make look green and gross or smelly and buggy but YUM.


My pack has been known to trick me and toss into the garbage my discovery.  It makes me mad in the moment but then they distract me with a clean and fresh edible. Grr living in the now means that I hardly ever stay mad at them for more than a few minutes. Well I suppose that is healthy and will help me live longer, which will make them happy.

I have been known to bury items that are high value but not edible, like Santa.  He is my squeaky toy that I love love love!  One year we were in the yard and I was happily biting his butt while my pack both pulled weeds.  As we were about to leave to go have dinner, I couldn't help myself but I needed to bury my Santa head first behind the rose bush.

It wasn't until the next morning that I saw my PL pull Santa out from behind the bushes by his legs and clean off the mulch from his red suit.  What a nice surprise to see Santa again, especially before PL proceeded to water the ground.  I don't like it when my soft toys get wet. Bleck.


So if you ever give me tasty treats, don't be mad if I bury them first. It doesn't always mean that I love them less than a toy. I love both. Just at different times. If you want me to give a product review for either a toy or a treat, just let me know. I'll give it a thorough going over, I promise!  And my female will write all about the experience here.  She is better using the keyboard, I just bump my head on it when I want her attention.