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Vet trauma mixed with resolution and a cute cowl

So I mentioned via @grouchypuppy that last Thursday I went to the vet.  It was traumatic. They gave me a shot and shaved my neck all the way up to my chin.  Not the best look for anyone...

Every visit to the vet for me is tough, even when it is just a routine check up.  And even after they give me treats and love.  But sometimes you have to go and so we did.

The good news is that we decided to treat my symptoms, and they seem to be related to allergies not the "C" word.  Just in case, PL already took out chicken in my diet, which we discovered was a lot, (jerky treats, kibble and cooked chicken meat).  The vet said it might be environmental so we have to wait and see after the high pollen levels go down a bit here in San Francisco.

I won't show you exactly how I looked after the vet was through with me but I will show you a peek.  It shows enough of my neck and you get to see the cute homemade cowl neck my female made for me. I told her to sell them on Etsy for other pups.

I won't complain because I was lucky not to have to wear the cone of shame.  It's been a week and I'm feeling better.  And I'm getting lots of TLC along with my antibiotics.  Cuddles should be considered homeopathic...