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Howl at the Moon Wolfman


Today I can't tell you how many people stopped us to ask if I was part wolf. Grrrr.  Especially because they always say "is he part wolf?"  And they give a strange nervous laugh at the end too....hmm

I sure don't know what gives them that impression, since they don't see me stretch like this.  Check it out..isn't this pure Southwestern art? I could be a model for a class in New Mexico. 

City (S)lickers


This beagle is a fancy pup who lives in a tall San Francisco condo building.  It was really cute that he was such good friends with the doorman. 

I wonder if his name is Sam Spade?  We weren't introduced so I can only guess.  City dogs are cool because they seem so sophisticated.  I am like the old TV show Green Acres.  I am a country grrl living in the city...very ruff around the edges....

Pi in the sky or maybe in my mouth?


Happy Pi Day! I may not be a math wiz but I know that liver + crust = delicious pi(e).  I also know that 3.14 pieces of cheese won't be turned away either. 

Okay that's all I've got in the joke department, I am a dog you know, not Conan O'Brian, Jon Stewart or even Craig Ferguson you know...though some think I have a bit of a brogue.