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The Sunshine Award


Yoda the dog has given me the Sunshine Award. How he managed to actually consider me and then bestow it on one of the few sunny days we have had here in California, I don't know. He's a smart dog.

I feel really honored to receive the award because I like to think that I bring sunshine to others, even when they might be initially scared of me because I am a big grrl and sometimes pushy thus the @grouchypuppy handle.

I'm so proud that Yoda feels sunshine from reading about my day. I may be misunderstood sometimes but Yoda reminds me that it isn't ALL the time. Thank you Yoda for this pretty flower too, I like it a lot. And I am glad you liked the dog hair song. Mama hums it now when she vacuums...

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Monday Mug Shot

Not one of my best portraits but it made my mama and PL laugh, so I thought it would be a good one for the start of the work week!  Try not to laugh too hard AT me...please. Thank you.

Sunday Schmoopy Time


After my turmoil at the vet on Friday, I am taking refuge with my babies. Consistent smells and texture mixed with some quiet today is doing me good...hope you all get some schmoopy love today too.