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100% Natural Dog - No Plastic Surgery Here


Unlike celebrities and reality stars, I have no need or interest in Botox or other augmentation.  Look at this flawless face! Look! I'm "middle aged" according to the vet but I can still give a good close-up, don't you think?

Of course this natural sunlight is everyone's best friend, as is a good camera setting.

Lunar New Year Tradition - Puppy Cleaning paired with a Valentine


So a friend told me that they clean their home, everything, very thoroughly before Chinese New Year.  I wasn't in their house but somehow, my PL got it in his head that because of the New Year celebrations going on, cleaning a grouchy puppy was a good idea.

Grrr. He is pretty quick about it so I shouldn't complain but it is my nature to become donkey-like when it comes to bathing. At least for Valentine's Day, he wore red. What a sweetheart.

Random Acts of Kindness - Grouchy Puppy Style

Oscar here is a nice man who lives in my neighborhood.  He is kind and likes to pet me. I can walk faster than he can up our hills. He lets me and still has a kind pat on the head for me while we wait for him to catch up at the corner. 

He has an older dog who uses wheels to help him get around. I don't know his name but he is quiet like me and doesn't bark at other dogs while out for a wanna go for a walk. See...