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Milkbones at the end of the world


We were watching Pirates of the Caribbean and suddenly the milkbone biscuit I had in my mouth was not destined for immediate departure to my stomach anymore - though it had been walking the plank, known as my tongue.

Instead my biscuit was dispatched to a tidy little spot in the yard, a buried treasure to be discovered in the future - hopefully by me and not my PL.  He might hold it ransom. Argh! Grr.

Friday Friends of Mine: Handsome Dino

Here is a special Friday shout out to my Central Valley buddy Dino.  Look at this guy, is he handsome or what? 

Dino is special because he, like all of us in the Grouchy Puppy Fan Club he is often misunderstood.  Dino just wants to be loved.  Well he is getting some well deserved extra helpings of love courtesy of his Auntie Linda and Uncle Steve.  Look how they have already gotten him stylish - Tim Gunn from Project Runway and House of Style fame, could not have done it any better.

Dino I bet you're going to get some #followfriday love of the feminine kind with this look...

Monday Morning Commute - Grouchy Puppy Style


#moodymonday or Manic Monday, either way my commute usually just includes a flight of stairs or two, in order to eat, pee and/or poop then settle in the front or back room depending the sunshine and outside noises.

These two guys look like theirs is more complex possibly involving a Google bus, a taxi or a toll bridge, followed by hours in a cubicle.  How long before you think they notice the wide band of fur I left on the back of their pants? Heehee.

Saturday Morning Cup of Joe


Noe Valley in San Francisco has a lot of great stores, restaurants, people and pet ambassadors like me! I like to walk the neighborhood streets and remind folks of all the good stuff they have around them, like a soft and furry big grrl like me - usually passing them on the left. Beep beep!

Today is Saturday and we have the Farmer's Market in the parking lot across from Martha & Brothers Coffee, served in the pretty purple cup.  Martha is sweet, she makes nice mama sounds and calls me names like "honey".