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Doggone Surprised Every Single Time


I sure do love surprises, look at this face!  My female likes to trick me when we go on my wanna go for a walk.  She hides behind a corner or in a doorway, then jumps out. Considering I live in the now, and I am on a walk, one word for you....DISTRACTED. 

I'm all kinds of distracted, smelling stuff and looking around for birds or strangers to pet me and can never remember in time that she is walking with me. Boo! There she is.

She's silly.

Grouchy Puppy To Go Kit


Whenever I go to spend time with a member of Team Cleo, a nice piece of my equipment includes this handy tote.  It has storage inside, with a plastic coating perfect to keep my cottage cheese and chicken cool during transport.  My kibble and treats are in my boat tote with a zipper so I don't get into them without permission.  Snacking between meals is tempting for dogs too!

What Team Cleo loves is that my kit here includes dishes for my food and water.  Isn't that great?! They don't need to worry about messy dishes, PL will wash everything after he picks me up from my sleepover.

Lovely Bones


Sweet, sweet bone biscuit, not even my loving and fatherly PL can have you!  No one can take you from me now. We are meant to be together, forever, or until I bury you. Or eat you. But let us not jump ahead and make predictions of a future we can't know yet.

However, I must insist that you stay with me. I cannot allow even PL to hold you. Maybe I really do have possessive issues?