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Grouchy Puppy Roadie


Don't let this photo fool you, I've got total game face on now.  Car rides are not my favorite but I get into trouble if you don't take me with you.  I'm not meant to be alone.

Doggie Wimbledon but in Spain

DSC_0194 - 2009-11-14 at 08-32-04

Here is a Spanish buddy we ran into who knows how to watch a tennis match.

I wonder if he is on the outside of the court because he would chase the ball too much and get in the way? Or maybe dogs aren't allowed on the court, and he is being incredibly polite and faithful by staying put, without a leash?

Grouchy Puppy Homage Gifted Friends of Mine


Did I ever show you this cool gift that my other female made for me? She MADE it from scratch, the glass and everything! I love it. I sniff the newspaper, eat out of the dish, see myself as a cute puppy, love love bones and like to wee on hydrants during my wanna go for walks. Yep, she knows me pretty well.