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Planet Dog - Old Soul Slobber-Wick Buddies


Back in June I told you how much I love my plush toys. They help me express myself, sort of like my tail. You might say the tail tells the tale, when it comes to my tail being a leading indicator of where my mind is.  The same goes for my toys.

I bite my toys when I get excited. I nibble on them when I'm trying to vent frustration, such as when I get sent to my blanket during meal preparation, "because I'm under foot". Grrrr. Bite bite bite.

What I want to report back to you all today is that the second plush toy in my box of goodies from the folks at K9 Cuisine, was this Planet Dog, Old Soul Slobber Wick toy.  I had ignored it for a while to be honest. The other toy, the cool Support Our Troops Loofah, which is now out of stock on K9 Cuisine's website, was much more interesting for me initially.

Now, I can be found slobbering on this:

Old Soul Slobber-Wick™ Buddies were designed with the same hi-def contrasting colors as the Old Soul Orbees and Bones. The side panel on each toy allows for an alternate color which is easier on an older dog's eyes. The silver Buddies have "old soul" embroidered over the heart in teal. Each toy is filled with 100% poly-fleece and a double-bellow squeaker.

What I like: It squeaks! It fits in my mouth! I can bat it around with my paws all over the floor!! Now that the vet says I'm officially "older", this toy makes perfect sense! Thanks K9 Cuisine for this age appropriate toy, I think.

What I didn't like: Nothing. I'm a dog and though I didn't grab this toy first, I still LOVE IT.

What it cost my PL: Free

What it costs online today: $8.99

Grouchy Puppy Rating: 4 out of 5 paws (only because the other toy caught my attention first)