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Nice view, of my head. It's a good thing we live here or this would be a sad snap shot to take home on the plane.

It reminds some people of that person with the big hat on, sitting in front of you at the movies, only this dog, me, isn't wearing a hat. So if "that person" wants a better view they better start brushing me more to thin that neck fur out...

Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers?


It doesn't matter because what does matter is that this face lost 10lbs since her March check up! Booyah! My "mature exam" earlier this month proved that my exercise regime of naps, chicken jerky and chasing noises in the yard WORKS.

Okay, some of that diet and exercise advice was my sense of humor. I'm just so HAPPY that I dropped those pounds. Is that wrong?

Unwelcome Mat


This "unwelcome" mat is my back up for strangers at the door. Do you like it?

PL picked it out because I liked the bones...they make me want to go dig up the backyard searching for buried treasure.