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Heart-Shaped Chest Hair


My female swears she can see a heart shape withing my lion's mane here.  I don't know.  She could be off her meds again seeing things, or she could be seeing the wonderful super special effects that comes from my unique DNA.

What do you think?

Postcard Perfect, Sort Of


Snapshots 101 don't have bridges growing out of your head, unless you want to look silly and be grouchy! If you do, then consider joining my grouchy puppy social club.  We're accepting new members now. No dress code, just be yourself!

America's Other Best Idea!


America's best idea may be our national parks, but Ken Burn's next series could be all about America's backyards and puppies like me!  Rescue dogs rule!

When you get tired of watching me, tonight on public television is a wonderful new six-part series on our national parks...something deserving the grouchy puppy seal of approval.

Sharp, but in a Good Way


Yesterday was the scary "before" photo, with my hairy paws and long unruly nails.

Today I give you my sweetly (thanks PL!) filed and very stylish "kitten" feet.  You like? Nothing like putting your best food foot forward. Woof!