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Cleo Brontë - 21st Century Writer


Here I am taking a break to clear my writers block.  A few laps around the block and a sniff or two of some flowers always help clear my head.

Don't I look like I could be the missing 4th Brontë sister?  Emily, Anne, Charlotte and Cleo!?

Back to School with Cleo


It is August and time to head back to school for lots of kids.  One lesson that I learned, and like to show off demonstrate is my skill at stopping at crosswalks.  And looking both ways before entering the street.

I'm No Angel - I'm Just a Little Bit Grouchy

Yesterday I mentioned that I would tell you why my female didn't think I deserved the nice treat from Beth, at the Noe Valley Pet Company.  I think the story is not a big deal and only a necessary reminder to my pack of how they came by my nickname, Grouchy Puppy.

So here's my version of the story: My pack has a lot of workers currently coming in and out of the house.  One forgot and left a door open. Being opportunistic I used said open doorway to get out to chase a Fed Ex driver across our busy street. No one was happy and everyone freaked that I would get hurt.

Yadda yadda yadda, I'm being herded into the backyard. My bed is put outside and to me, my water bowl is filled to a level that looks like it is suppose to last me for hours of confinement.


My female didn't take a photo of my victorious guilty position above the screen, as I tore it to shreds with my five teeth.  Cut to the chase, I was mad that they would not let me stay under foot, and I tore the new screen door from the track, and got busted ripping holes in the metal mesh.

Here I am pretending to be okay with the situation before reality set in....


Noe Valley Pet Company - Pick of the Walk

Beth @ Noe Valley Pet CompanyI love my wanna go for a walks. Everyday I meet new people and they love me, give me pets and treats or they cross the street to avoid me.

Today I met Beth. She works at Noe Valley Pet Company on Church Street. She is smart. You want to know why?

Beth kept my short grouchy attention by keeping a cookie in my face... I didn't notice three super big dogs walk by me before it was too late for me to cause any trouble in front of her pretty store. See how smart she is?!

I also learned that I am not alone in my grouchy behavior, and that it doesn't have anything to do with my lack of maturity age.

Beth told me a story about a 12 year old Cocker Spaniel that broke a sliding glass door! All by themselves! And it wasn't even cracked, giving the glass a weak point.

I sure have lots more respect for how tough little dogs are. No wonder I like them so much.

Do you have a favorite pet shop in your neighborhood?  Do you have stories of nice people you meet on your walks? Please share with me!

Today I managed to see more of my 'hood and find a new shopkeeper to wag hello to. I'm a lucky grrl since my day started off on the 'ruff side with some grouchy trouble. Tomorrow I will share that experience. I'm still a little in the "doghouse"...


My female will be heading back over to Noe Valley Pet Company and learn more about Beth, the staff and all the things you might want to know. Leave any questions you have in the comments or contact me via @grouchypuppy on Twitter.

On your next wanna go for a walk, stop by Noe Valley Pet Company at 1451 Church St (between 27th St and Cesar Chavez St) San Francisco, CA 94131 (415) 282-7385