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Ambassador Cleo


One of the things I am most proud of is my slavish desire for affection my devotion to being a good ambassador.  I am an unofficial ambassador for San Francisco and for rescue dogs, though if the Mayor or the folks in charge of the SF/SPCA want to throw me a bone (ha!) and hire me, I will consider each of their offers seriously.

Today I made this little boy's dream come true.  I was out for my regular "wanna go for a walk" when we passed a huge group/family.  My PL slowed to make a turn and heard this little whisper "is that a dog?"

Of course we had to stop and say hello.  They were a wonderful family visiting from far away and the father told us how it was his boy's dream to have a dog.  I was spoken for but did my best to stop and pose for a souvenir photo.  The family was very lovely and excited to have their son “shake my paw”.  They took many photos too.

Being an ambassador is an important role and one I take seriously.  I enjoy the attention but sharing with others that big dogs can be nice and friendly helps soothe fears and stereotypical notions that we are only mean and scary.  My being a rescue dog too is a wonderful experience to share with families since we all want to be part of a family or pack – don’t we?  Adoption makes us all happy and I know that like the boy, having my dream come true by being adopted made me jump for joy too!

If you come to San Francisco for a visit, please say hello if you ever see me out and about.  I am friendly and welcome questions about myself and the city of St. Francis.  This is a beautiful place and full of a rich history that is worth sharing.  Maybe I will put a little picture book together for you to see my favorite places in the city (leave me a comment if you like that idea) and tempt you to leave your heart here like Tony Bennett.