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5 Best Dog Beaches to Hightail Over to this Summer

DSC00796 Where are you headed this summer? I love the beach and biting the ocean.  

If you are a dog or are lucky enough to have a dog in your pack, here are five of the best beaches to take your buddy.  Be sure and pack fresh water and a towel, for both of you!  Five of my favorite beaches from Marin to Carmel include:

  • Fort Funston: Off leash dogs and lots of birds puts the FUN in Fort Funston.
  • Crissy Field: Amazing urban beach in San Francisco with lots of space for kids and dogs, plus great hidden pools for pups to fall into.
  • Stinson Beach: HUGE sprawling beach to run on, that is just across the Golden Gate Bridge, north of San Francisco on Highway 1.
  • Del Monte Beach: Wonderful old beach on the northern end of Monterey Bay. Perfect for chasing birds without running into sunbathers.
  • Carmel City Beach: The most dog-friendly place in the United States is Carmel so you would be silly not to drive here.