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Adopt Energetic Ebony - Gorgeous English Pointer Mix

Dog Advice: In a word...ADOPT

My dog blog includes my canine perspective and thoughts.  As I live my life with my pack here in the city, it seems to help all of us when I share a little of the experiences that happen over the year.  It has been more than two years now that I've been sharing, and I've made lots of friends that I love and am grateful for. Hi @Rumblepurr Hi @PupFan Hi @Daley and so many more, including the elderly folks that make up the awesome Team Cleo.

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

For me pet adoption means everything.  I wouldn't be in this wonderful caring pack if I hadn't gone through the system, but I'm lucky.

Today is a special day for, and we plan to share in the celebrations by posting an adoptable dog every hour for 12 hours, starting at 6:00AM Pacific Time.  Starting with energetic Ebony before ending with the one and only cutie named Zip, I'm sharing big, little and senior dogs that would make wonderful buddies and family members.

Why? Because by taking over the internet for one day to spread awareness about the importance of adoption - we just might save a homeless pet's life - like mine was.

Cleo and her Female
Spread the word. Go on to find your next pet.

Did you know that they have pure bred dogs? You can find big dogs, little dogs and old dogs. PUPPIES. They have puppies too.  And of course you can find cats but did you know that you can find horses? They also have a whole reptile section! And BUNNIES.

Share your heart and your home, make a difference for a homeless pet. Give a forever home to one of the more than 300,000 pets on and I bet you'll feel:

- your heart grow inside your chest

- endorphins flow as if you ran miles

- joy and warmth for helping a homeless pet

I can't tell you the sense of pride my female felt, the first time I clung to her as if she had always been with me.  I was an adult when they adopted me but our bond after five years is as close as if they had raised me from a puppy. Our love runs deep and we are both rewarded by this relationship. Consider adoption.